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Chris has produced a wealth of impressive paintings from the Napoleonic War. American Civil War, English Civil War, and a variety of Portraits of Great Military Leaders, He also has produced superb paintings of Pirates, a particular favourite of his. These superb paintings are available as Signed Limited edition prints for you to enjoy. Most images are shown on this site in the various Gallery's indicated.

Chris studied at Berkshire College of Art 1966 - 1970 and then worked for Halas and Batchelor as a background artist. In the golden age of book cover illustration Chris made the Gunslinger, Crow and Herne series his own. To this day the shelves of High Street booksellers are full of his work. Perhaps his best known popular pieces are in the now famous Jorvik Centre's paintings which form the focus of the exhibitions promotion and won a travel industry award. In recent years his best work has been paintings, such as SPQR, Anne Bonny, Mary Reid and Calico Jack Rackam and Blackbeard in Damnation Seize My Soul.

Chris's super realistic style, using oils, brilliantly reflects the techniques.. passion and depth of the old masters he has a particular love of portraiture, which his new portraits of Wellington and William of Orange certainly reflects along with others from the English Civil war his love of the subject. He is also fascinated by the awful romance of weaponry and war. Chris uses traditional Dutch paints made today, as in 1664, and is meticulous in his research and attention to detail, so scarce in our modern throw away society. Sir Anthony Van Dyke, William Dobson, Sir Peter Lely and Fortunio Matania played a vital part in Chris's formative years. He also is much influenced by Meissonier and De Neuville

Chris Spends most of his time painting for Cranston Fine Arts, in his busy schedule Chris can produce two Other Commission a year. Cranston Fine arts arranged commissions on behalf of Chris and if you would like more information, please contact us.

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The Saxons & Vikings

Selection of paintings and limited edition art prints.

Saxon & Viking Art Prints

The Roman and Greek Empires

paintings and limited edition art prints of gladiators, Centurians and legionaries and Greek Spartans and Hoplites

Roman Art Prints

Medieval Art

medieval history covered from Richard the Lion Heart, Richard Duke of Gloucester and William III.

Medieval Art Prints

15th - 18th Century Scottish History

from King Robert the Bruce to the fall of the Jacobite Rebellion at Culloden.

Art Prints of the Scottish Wars

English Civil War

large selection of English civil war uniforms and battle scenes.

The Great Rebellion

Buccaneers and Pirates and Napoleonic naval Paintings

a trilogy of the great pirates of the 17th and 18th century. and  naval portraits including Horatio Nelson

Pirate and Buccaneer Art Prints

Napoleonic Art

Napoleonic art prints from the Peninsula War to the battle of Waterloo including portraits of the Duke of Wellington.

Napoleonic Art Prints

American War of 1812

British and American forces during the battle of Lake Erie.

Art Prints of the American Wars

World War I and World War Two

World War One and Two of the Red baron, Romell and military units 82nd Airborne, SS Panzer Grenadiers and South Lancashire Regiment at D-Day.

Art Prints of the World Wars

Original & Landscape Art

original paintings offered for the first time used for film and book covers.

Original Landscape & Portrait Art



Original Pencil Sketches and Drawings


Latest painting Gallery

Wild West original paintings


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